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Windows on Central Park: The Landscape Revealed

“I’m a New Yorker—born here. Now I live in a seventeenth-floor apartment. From several windows Central Park resembles an undulating, ever-changing sea of color.

Sometimes I sit at my desk and daydream about when my three children were young, and I can hear them laughing as they sail their tiny boats, ride the carousel, scramble over the Alice in Wonderland sculpture, glide across the ice. Now in my mind’s eye, all the years flow together. My daydream drifts to the clock at the children’s zoo as it strikes the hour and a fantasy bronze animal orchestra prances round and round. The hour has struck, and I turn away and once again begin scribbling on my pad.”

Barbara Goldsmith
Writer and Historian

From "Windows on Central Park: The Landscape Revealed" by Betsty Pinover Schiff